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We are ZebraBuyer! A friendly & helpful local house buying company!

ZebraBuyer is an independent house buying company, based in Norwich. Our experienced team has a passion for people and property and a desire to solve property problems.

Our accomplished team can help with the purchase of your property, no matter the location or the situation. With our creative solutions, there’s nothing that we can’t achieve when it comes to your property sale.

We’re local, trusted and can provide you with an extremely quick service our simple 3 step process. We can view, value, and purchase your house rapidly, meaning you can move on to the next chapter in your life swiftly and with ease.

Our whole ethos is to provide you with a fair, speedy and pain free service, as we said, we’re passionate about property AND people, meaning we will work at 110%, going above and beyond what you’d expect from our competitors.

At ZebraBuyer have over 8 years of experience in the property world and have dealt with a huge array of different sectors within the market. From Norfolk to London, spreading down to the South Coast, our experience is extensive and location independent.

Being Norwich born and bread, we have true local market knowledge, and our network of trusted local professionals reinforce our roots within the South coast, meaning you always receive the best advice.

Our wide ranging knowledge and understanding covers nearly everything from property purchase and negotiation to property design and planning, from site and project management, to sourcing and cost management, from property maintenance to freeholds and leaseholds. If there’s anyone who can help you in property and has local knowledge, we think it’s us!

We have the local knowledge, contacts and ability to solve any and all property situations.

Whether it’s a studio flat in New Catton or tenanted houses in the Golden Triangle, detached houses in Drayton to a complete block of flats in Easton, we will value and make an offer on any property you bring to us.

There are absolutely no hidden costs, from filling in the online valuation form to receiving the money in your bank, that means no costs during the whole sale of your property.

We try to solve anyway property problem you might have including:

  • Needing to release cash from your property.
  • Needing to sell the property quickly.
  • Probate.
  • Divorce.
  • To clear debt.
  • To stop a repossession.
  • Needing to relocate quickly for work.

And many other situations.

We have a very fast transaction turn around, this is dependent on circumstances but could be as little as 1 week for us to help with any issues you have.

At ZebraBuyer, we guarantee to make you an offer on your property. After receiving the basic information provided in our online form or over the phone, we will visit your property to value it at a time convenient for you and make an offer within 24 hours.

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