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How to sell your house in Norwich – Best way to Sell

How to Sell your House in Norwich

You might be wondering, what are the ways of “how to sell a house”? In Norwich, there’s four different ways to sell a house.

  • Estate Agent
  • Online
  • Advertise and sell the property yourself
  • Or you can use us!

We’re Norwich’s local house buyer. There’s benefits and drawbacks with each method so let’s dive in and take a look.

Estate agents have been around a very long time, they’re the usual go between, the middlemen who help to bring buyers and sellers together. Local agencies are the most common but in the past 5-10 years there has been an increase in online agencies. Your typical high street branches are located in high footfall areas of towns and cities.

They will put up properties for sale in their window displays as well as on the traditional property websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove.

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Local Agencies

Norwich’s local agencies have good knowledge of the area and therefore will be able to give you good advice surrounding your property. They are easy to contact, normally very close by and have a team of people ready to help you with whatever property questions you need answering.

Statistics show however, that local agents put properties on the market for a higher amount than they believe is achievable only to come down on price later as a marketing strategy, so take their valuations with a pinch of salt.

Agencies also typically charge between 1%-2% of the sale price meaning a large fee will be payable once they have your house sold. The alternative to high street agencies is online Estate Agents.

Online Estate Agents

Online Estate Agents, such as Purplebricks, have increased in popularity over recent years, hoping to help bridge the gap between traditional high street agency and providing a professional standard but at lower prices.

Online Estate Agencies outsource the work to local independent house sellers who will be tasked with the usual marketing activities of creating a floor plan, taking photos and writing advert copy for Rightmove and Zoopla but it’s all for a fixed fee instead of a percentage of the sale price.

This almost always saves money in comparison to a high street agent, but many argue that the service is not as good. Also, the fee is paid upfront rather than when the property sells, this can cause some issues with those on a tight budget.

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So agencies are either expensive long term, or expensive short term, and regardless of whether you were to sell your house with a high street or online Estate Agent, you’ll still have to go through the process of having people come to view the property everyday and the hassle of making sure the property is always presentable. You might be asking “how do I sell my house, without the costs”?

The answer is to do everything yourself.

This means marketing, arranging and conducting viewings, negotiating and trying to sell for a high price. This has benefits if you’re looking to keep costs down such as agency fees, but this will be a much more labour intensive sale.

The hassle is non-negotiable and if you’re tight on time due to other commitments, then rearranging viewings or 2nd viewings become a large hassle and completely outweigh the benefits of saving the money.

The final alternative is use us, we’re Norwich’s local house buyer.

There is loads of benefits to selling direct. You won’t ever have to worry about multiple viewings, multiple disruptions or strangers in your home. Either give us a call, email us or fill in our online form and we’ll book a time to come take a look at the property, which is the only one time we do. Once we’ve had a viewing we GUARANTEE to make you and offer. No need to worry about doing any work yourself, we take care of everything, even the legal things. Better than this, wedon’t charge a penny, what we buy the property from you at is the price you receive, no nasty 2% fees!!

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