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Norwich Market Proudly Receives a National Reward

Norwich Market Proudly Receives a National Reward

Norwich Market Proudly Receives a National Reward

Norwich Market has been chosen as the best large outdoor market for 2019 by the Great British Market Awards. The outdoor market stands tall against the other hundreds of entries that were received from across the country. According to a spokesman from the National Association of British Market Authorities, also known as NAMBA, this city market is ‘a Phoenix rising from the ashes’.

The spokesman also went on to say that the Norwich Market has had a positive impact on business expansion and footfall due to its extensive reach using social media. The social efforts have also included work with the local BID, market partners and outreach involving young traders.

Norwich Market is located on Gentleman’s Walk in the heart of the city centre. Stalls have been operating there for 900 years and counting. It has the boasting rights to say that it is the oldest permanent market found in the UK.

The market is alive with a vibrant mix of crafts, food, flowers, pop-up stalls, services and a lot more. With more than 200 stalls operating, you’re sure to find the essentials you need along with other unique items. Whether you are shopping for your weekly groceries or need to get a special gift for someone, you’ll find it all at Norwich Market.

Norwich, A Market with a Rich Heritage

This is the market to visit when you want to experience a place with a traditional appearance and a rich heritage. This is truly a charming market and you’ll love browsing through the stalls as you enjoy the open air. The stalls offer a wonderful range of high quality food that has been sourced locally including fish and meat, baked bread, a wide selection of cheese, chutneys and jams and much more.

Sit down and enjoy a sandwich, fish and chips or choose something more exotic for a quick lunch. Afterwards, try some tasty ice cream or indulge in a sweet to top off your lunch. This is a great place for foodies of all types since there’s always something new to discover. No matter what your taste preference may be, you’re sure to find something you love at this world-renowned market.

Discover the market situated right in the centre of Norwich and take in everything it has to offer from Monday to Saturday. This is a great place to live with the market acting as a focal point of the city.


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